Jonathan Lepow
Jonathan Lepow Co Founder Top Tree, Social Media Director @ High Times and Dope Magazine

Jonathan Lepowis on a mission to provide exceptional value and help his clientsthrive. As Co-founder of Top Tree Agency, Jonathan helps brands expand their reach by creating highly customized and targeted social media campaigns that generate perpetual growth and lasting success.

An expert at creating big picture systems and helping companies scale, Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a background in dentistry.Afterhis brother Brandon passed away from cancer, Jonathan joined together with his otherbrother, Layne, to developacompany that would raise awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis. As Jonathan and Layne grewtheir cannabis brand byimplementing a finely tuned social media strategy, they realized the modelthey created could easily transfer to other brands,and they founded Top Tree.

Focusedon building uponTop Tree’s time-tested base model to createa fullycustomized experience for each individual client, Jonathan attributes much of Top Tree’s overwhelming success to the company’s ability to stay on top of trends and constantly look into new mediums that could benefit clients. Even as Top Treeevolves, Jonathan looks forward to continuing hands-on, personalized relationships with clients, learning each company’s unique story and craftinga plan to make them more and more successful.


We engage your audience through highly-focused and targeted campaigns that are uniquely built for growth and awarness. We create stunning content that speaks to your users, customers and influencers. We harness the power of social media to generate continued and sustainable growth for any product, service or brand. We leverage our years of experience with strategic partnerships on the most influential social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.